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5 Ignite Features That Will Lift Your ARPU

Boosting the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is crucial for businesses, particularly those within the South African Telco space. It's a key indicator of a company's health, and enhancing it can drive growth. Enter Ignite - our tailor-made software designed to elevate ARPU through gamification. Let's delve into five standout features of Ignite that can stimulate ARPU growth.

1. Gamified Sales Targets

One of Ignite's most powerful tools for lifting ARPU is the gamification of sales targets. By transforming routine sales goals into engaging and competitive challenges, Ignite creates an exciting environment that motivates employees to achieve more, thus driving higher revenue.

2. Real-time Leaderboards

Ignite’s real-time leaderboards foster a sense of healthy competition amongst your sales staff. By tracking and displaying performance metrics, these leaderboards give immediate feedback to your team, encouraging them to up their game, exceed their previous performance, and consequently contribute to increasing the ARPU.

3. Performance Rewards and Recognition

With Ignite, every achievement, big or small, gets its due recognition. The built-in rewards system encourages sales staff to outperform themselves by providing tangible incentives for exceptional performance. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and a higher ARPU.

4. Team Challenges

Ignite boosts team spirit by incorporating team challenges into its system. By fostering cooperation and encouraging collective effort towards common goals, these challenges can lead to significant growth in sales and customer satisfaction, and ultimately, an increase in ARPU.

5. Seamless Integration with E-Centive

Ignite's integration with E-Centive ensures that gamification does not become a distracting add-on but rather an integral part of your existing work system. This synergy amplifies the effectiveness of your sales strategies, allowing you to optimize processes and increase the ARPU.


With its gamified sales targets, real-time leaderboards, performance rewards, team challenges, and seamless integration with E-Centive, Ignite is the key to unlocking higher ARPU. It's not just about playing the game; it's about changing the game for the better. Embrace Ignite, empower your sales team, and watch your ARPU soar to new heights.


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