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Supercharge ARPU with
Motivated Workforces

Harness the power of employee motivation and unlock ARPU potential with a cutting-edge platform that champions collaboration, fosters growth, and leverages gamification strategies to drive team performance.

How We Help Raise ARPU

Learn more about how Ignite helps your business, Ignite is a cutting-edge platform designed to amplify employee motivation, unleash ARPU potential, and accelerate team performance through collaboration, targeted growth, and gamification strategies.

Ignite South Africa

An Innovative Scoring Engine

Alchemy, our platform's scoring engine, evaluates users and data within channels using precise parameters. Crafted by our data scientists, it provides a progression path with increasing benefits, aimed at bolstering user performance and operational efficiency

Ignite Mobile App South Africa

Improved Team Collaboration

We recognize the vital role of collaboration in success. Our platform, Ignite, nurtures teamwork among sales teams through leaderboards and cross-location competitions. These incentivized challenges unify teams across regions or departments, driving them towards shared goals

Ignite Status Ranks South Africa

Reward Your Top Performers

Ignite is optimized for South Africa's retail industry, offering custom strategic modules to boost product and service sales across regions and stores. We seamlessly integrate with different multi-store and franchise business models.

What Ignite Has To Offer

Ignite your workforce with our advanced software solution that seamlessly combines collaboration, professional development, and engaging gamification techniques to enhance employee motivation and elevate ARPU. Discover the synergistic power of Ignite's innovative features designed to inspire, empower, and drive exceptional team performance.

Our platform is optimised for revenue growth and ARPU lift by assisting to help build motivation within your organizations sales workforce.

Increased Revenue

Our platform is expertly designed to stimulate revenue growth and enhance Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by fostering motivation within your organization's sales workforce.

Team Building

An online environment that helps build a user's intrinsic motivation using widely used gamification systems and scoring engines.

Innovative Scoring Engine

Boost staff retention using Ignite Rewards, our unique benefits program, offering gift coupons from popular retail brands, thereby fostering employee appreciation and loyalty

Staff Retention

Achieve better customer experiences & improve your NPS Score by incentivising and challenging sales teams with leaderboards & rewards.

Customer Satisfaction

Ignite provides seamless accessibility through any web browser, along with dedicated mobile applications available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

Cross Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About the Ignite Platform and Discover Key Insights: Unveiling Essential Tips, Addressing User Queries, and Providing Guidance for a Seamless, Informed, and Engaging Experience or contact us for more information on our offering.

  • What is Ignite?
    Ignite is a powerful behavioural science platform that has been developed to boost motivation and increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) for medium to large-scale enterprises in South Africa. By leveraging the principles of gamification and other behavioural science techniques, Ignite can help drive success and improve performance within your sales team.
  • How does Ignite work?
    Ignite processes a predetermined set of data to provide daily insights that are both motivating and actionable to users. Our peer-to-peer ranking engine also generates monthly status updates for team members based on their performance. By analyzing and transforming data in this way, Ignite helps drive engagement and improve results for sales teams.
  • Is there a support team?
    Ignite offers a comprehensive member support service to address routine operational tasks and ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Whether you have questions about the platform or need assistance with a specific issue, our team is here to help you get the most out of Ignite.
  • What country is Ignite based in?
    Ignite is a proudly South African company, with our platform being 100% built and based in Johannesburg. We are committed to supporting the local economy and providing high-quality solutions to businesses in South Africa.
  • What platforms is Ignite available on?
    Ignite is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing incentive and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing a cohesive and efficient solution for your organisation. By integrating with these systems, Ignite can enhance and support your existing sales strategies and processes.

Supercharge Your
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Ignite South Africa
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